Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Carrying liquor, gas cylinder, acid, any types of liquid, explosive and illegal articles are totally prohibited.
  • Minimum 10 Liter fuel should be available in the Car to run up to the Car carrier point and same way from Car carrier point to the destination.
  • We don't undertake electrical, carpentry & plumbing job; we will provide on the basis of availability and will charge extra.
  • After local shifting, corrugated boxes will be taken back on the same day.
  • If there is any extra packing of any article or charged article other that article list, we will charge extra accordingly.
  • We will charge for any extra services other that mentioned with the estimate.. If you will call our packers on second day for your convenience, additional charge on a/c. of conveyance of packers and cartage will be applicable.
  • We request you to pay us 80% as advance on total amount along with your work order and the balance amount on completion of your work at loading point.
  • Payment in cash or draft should be favour in the name of "Arrow Packers and Movers " only.
  • Please be noted while Carrier Risk, No Individual policy/ receipt, from the Insurance Company, will be given.
  • For monsoon, rainy season, foggy weather, riots, vehicle breakdown and any other natural calamity, please add two days extra in transit time.
  • We are not responsible for breakage of pots.
  • Please keep your cash/ jewellry in your custody.

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